Eljemelo, (situated in Durbanville, Cape Town) started breeding Authentic Biewer Terriers since 2007 when our first breeding Biewer Terriers arrived in South Africa from Germany.

Our adult dogs and puppies live with us in our home; they are not backyard dogs or cage bred.  My 2 girls love and frequently interact with our puppies and besides Biewer Terriers are kid lovers, unlike some other breeds that are more doubtful and afraid of small children.

Our babies are profoundly stimulated with our own developmental program. This unique way of handling pups have ensured a highly successful outcome in developing superior intelligence and unique personalities.

Our babies enjoy a jungle gym especially made for them. At the age of 6 weeks, they already have a sense of height and can climb low stairs. They learn that hide and seek is a fun game to play.

Our babies have free access to our puppy safe garden assuring that they have the best possible start in life.

We think our Biewer terriers are still reasonably priced considering the extreme effort, time, and expenses that go into producing and caring for the dam and litter.

Included in our offer is a well-balanced pup that is reared in our home and already accustomed to domestic noises and well socialized. Kusa or Btcsa registration.  At the age of 6/8 weeks, they receive a full medical examination, health clearance, and their 1st Novibac vaccination. Thereafter it will be the new owner's responsibility to have the puppy vaccinated until all (2 more, every 4 weeks plus rabies.  Rabies should be repeated  10 months later.  If your Biewer Terrier is going to visit a kennel  a vaccination against Bordetella is compulsory.     Do not delay your puppy's vaccinations.  Until all the vaccinations are complete do not put your pup at risk by letting him socialize with other dogs but your own vaccinated dogs.   Puppies not vaccinated can easily contract the horrifying Parvovirus which most of the time is a death sentence for any puppy.

Our pups are dewormed with Drontil and Milbamax.   Pups need to be dewormed every 2 weeks until they are 3 months old irrespective if they are infected with worms or not.

Our pups go home with a starter pack of Royal Canin. For the first few weeks do try to adhere to the breeder’s diet. Changing the diet immediately will only result in a runny tummy (diarrhea) and can afflict very uncomfortable pain. If you wish to change his diet at a later stage do so gradually, but please adhere to the diet we have been feeding the puppy to eliminate the risk of an upset stomach.    Remember too many treats and snacks will only result in your puppy not receiving a good balanced nutritional diet.  Feeding snacks is like giving your pup a fatty hamburger,    

Biewer terriers love toys, play ball and fetch is a big favorite.

Remember there are many pet-friendly hotels, B&B, and holiday accommodation that welcome doggies.



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