della grazia biewer terriers

My love for dogs started many years ago when I realized that I love dogs more than humans because they are loyal, loving, trustworthy, funny and intelligent, unlike most humans. They never hold a grudge and is truly Aa man=s best friend@.  They always believe in their owner and will protect you at all cost.

Our dogs are part of our family like our children and every time I look into their eyes, I see a soul and a friend.  Dogs loves their owners more than they love themselves and you will never understand the meaning of dog=s true love unless you owned your own dog.  Lots of love and attention, food and clean water is all they need to be happy.  Interacting with dogs helps your mind to relax, reduce stress and reduce the feeling of loneliness.

Our puppies are vet checked, healthy and selling as pets only.

They will be inoculated and dewormed before going to their new owner.

The Biewer Terrier Club will provide a pedigree certificate once the puppy has been neutered.




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